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Welcome Back!

Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Do you even remember me..?


If you're new here, hello and welcome! If you've here before, welcome back! Let's (re)introduce ourselves: My name is Sarah and I'm the sole author of this website. This platform is used to share my stories, my suggestions and in general, all aspects of my life. I'm glad you're here and hope you stick around.

If you were here in the heyday of, you might recall it was essentially a collection of beauty subscription reviews. As much as I loved testing products and sharing my thoughts, the website wasn't serving a purpose anymore once I ended those subscriptions and it laid dormant for a while. Last year during the pandemic, I truly realized how much I love and missed creating content and revitalized my website and Youtube channel with a slightly different direction: I was creating things I was genuinely excited to talk about, things I was proud to work on and kept it a little more authentic and real. For the first time since its inception in 2017, I was really proud of where it was heading...

... Which of course lead to a hiatus as I re-enrolled in college in the spring of 2021 to complete my Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. With working a full-time job, balancing school and keeping a social life afloat, the website took a back seat. This has always been a hobby of mine and even though someday I'd love to make some sort of commission off of it, it'll ironically be the first thing to suffer when life gets in the way.

You might have noticed that some things have changed around here at For starters, I (finally) made the switch over to for my domain hosting needs. I had been in the process of rebranding my image and figured this was the best means of doing so. With the semester in limbo, I was able to etch out some much needed time to hammer out the switch, rebrand and fire this back up. Not going to lie, I'm spending the weekend in New York City visiting my best friend, and sitting in this Starbucks in Union Square is giving me major Carrie Bradshaw vibes, an idol of mine. What better way to feel inspired?!

I can't promise that content will be consistent like it was before, but I can promise you I'm only publishing things that I'm really damn proud of. If you're subscribed to me on Youtube, you've heard me say that I want us to feel like real-life friends, and not just strangers on the internet. I want to keep things authentic, true and 100-percent genuine. Life's been tough the past year or so, but know that we're all feeling it. Find something that you love doing, and for me, it's this website.

I'm really excited to start publishing again, and I'm thankful for you sticking it out on this journey. I'll catch you around 🤙🏼

- s🤍

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