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Capstone Project
Social Media: Uniting or Dividing a World? 


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This video serves as an introduction on what my capstone project will be about, which is the impacts social media has had on society. 

Biometric Data

What is biometric data? Is your phone always listening or watching? How do companies use your data to curate products to your needs? 

Social Media in a Pandemic

The way in which we navigated a pandemic will forever be influenced by social media. In this video, we discuss some of the obstacles social media overcame. 

Psychological Impacts of Social Media

The comparison game. Cyberbullying. Living in a world of social media has had psychological impacts. 

What is Social Media?

Did you know that social media can technically date back to the invention of the Morse Code? In this video, we discuss what social media is, a short history, and the big players involved today. 

Influencer Culture

Have you been influenced by your newsfeed to purchase things? What is an influencer? And why are they important to the social media landscape? 

Physical Impacts of Social Media

Tech neck. Eye Strain. There are multiple physical impacts caused from social media. In this video, we discuss some of those physical ailments. 


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